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Buying and Selling a Business
(including Mergers & Acquisitions)

The sale of a business can be a stressful transaction for all of the parties involved.  In the instance where we represent the buyer or the seller, we are an advocate for that party, and our job is to protect that party’s rights in that transaction.  Protecting our clients' interests and ensuring the closing process proceeds smoothly is our number one goal.

We take pride in helping our clients with business acquisitions and mergers in Mansfield, Arlington and Dallas

Often, we are asked to act as the escrow agent in the closing. If this is the case, we do not represent either party. If we draft documents, they are sent to both sides to review and change until we are able to agree to a set of documents with which both sides are comfortable, and the parties can move forward to closing.


We have successfully closed hundreds of transactions over two decades by:

  1. Drafting the documents to meet the needs of Buyer and Seller to get the deal done.

  2. Advocate for the party we represent to protect their interests.

  3. Prompt and responsive communication to make updates and to answer           questions.

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