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When a loved one has left a will outlining how they wish to leave their assets, it may be necessary to file it with the probate court. An experienced attorney can discuss with you all of the options and which option is best suited for your case. We can then help you navigate the probate process quickly and efficiently. Let us help you make sure your loved one’s estate is administered according to their wishes.

  • We will explain all of your options.

  • We will walk you through the probate process with both compassion and keeping you informed.

  • I too have been through this process.

What We Guarantee Is:

  • We will be available when you need us to answer your questions.

  • You will communicate with knowledgeable professionals who can take action.

  • An experienced onsite attorney who you can trust.

Probate Process

One of the most common misconceptions about probate is it is a difficult, lengthy, confusing, and expensive process which is best avoided. With a well-drafted will, probate can be accomplished with one short court hearing. An experienced probate lawyer can help you understand the process and advise you about the necessary steps.

Probate Litigation

Sometimes there will be disputes regarding a will or trust that is being administered through probate. One party may claim they have a later will or multiple parties may question the actions of the executor. When your probate administration has not gone according to plan and you want to make sure your rights are protected, we are here to help you.

Local Resource

Whether you are looking to probate a will or you simply have a concern about a probate proceeding, we can answer your questions. At the law offices of Franklin W. Cram, we have been helping clients in the Dallas / Fort Worth area for over forty years. Contact us today so we can discuss with you how we can best serve you and address your probate and administration needs.

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